Infor VISUAL Turns 20Posted at - 11:00 AM on Thu, May 09, 2013

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Infor VISUAL Turns 20

Infor is celebrating VISUAL's 20 years of innovation, and longtime customer Major Tool & Machine is pretty happy about it, too.

Major Tool & Machine has been using and upgrading the manufacturing-centric software since 1996—practically from Infor VISUAL's beginning. The two have grown together.

Based in Indianapolis, Major Tool & Machine delivers world-class manufacturing, engineering, fabrication, machining, and assembly services to a variety of global customers and industries. Its diverse offerings showcase the versatility of Infor VISUAL.

"We have been on the system for a long time and have years' worth of data, more than 1.5 million inventory tickets and 3.5 million labor tickets, that we can still easily sift through to track trends," said Steve Denkers, corporate systems specialist, Major Tool. "In a business like ours, some of the work comes around again or something similar, so we can easily refer back to a project we did 10 years ago and be confident that Infor VISUAL will deliver the information the team needs."

Also, in dealing with aerospace and nuclear parts, it's important for Major Tool to have dependable traceability due to a time commitment that records might need to be kept to meet customer, government or industry requirements.

"Building upon years of knowledge and innovation, Infor VISUAL provides the tools to help remove any guesswork and quickly start delivering consistently profitable results," said Mark Humphlett, director of ERP industry and product marketing at Infor. "Partners like Major Tool are proof that our software's industry-specific capabilities bring value throughout the enterprise and provide a platform for long-standing results."

Some of the benefits Infor VISUAL provides Major Tool:

  • Dependable traceability
  • Streamlined system to produce parts quickly
  • Ability to deliver consistent results
  • Actionable information, and a real-time view of the supply chain
  • Business intelligence to analyze key factors and performance trends

"We were able to tailor the solution for our company to meet specific quality and welder qualification requirements. Working with Infor, we've been able to meet these types of specific business needs, and the system is flexible and robust enough to make those kinds of additions," continued Denkers. "We have unprecedented reliability and visibility into parts, machinery, and people and, at this point, we couldn't run our business without Infor VISUAL."

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