Infor CloudSuite Healthcare

Infor CloudSuite Healthcare

A complete software platform

Future proof your healthcare organization

Healthcare providers like you face a range of challenges, like implementing mandated reform and adapting to value-based reimbursement—all while focusing on controlling costs. At the same time, you’re expected to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction matched with quality outcomes.

Your operational and administrative systems must support expanded responsibilities, transforming traditional financial, supply chain, and human capital processes, as you arm decision makers with sound, insightful data. You need a system that prepares you for the future, while ensuring your departments and facilities run efficiently and effectively today. Finding a way to modernize your healthcare organization quickly, easily, and cost-effectively hasn't been easy—until now.

Meet Infor CloudSuite™ Healthcare, a comprehensive set of proven, healthcare-specific applications backed by decades of development, serving more than 100 healthcare organizations and one million subscribers in the United States.

CloudSuite Healthcare functionality

Our comprehensive and integrated business platform is designed for healthcare. It includes finance, supply chain, human capital, and clinical interoperability for reduced operating costs, improved efficiencies, and optimized EMR investments that support business goals for attracting and retaining the best clinical staff.


Financial management

From a finance business process perspective, Infor Financials supports the full lifecycle of best practices on a unified basis. We help you plan the right strategic decisions for your organization, with everything from requisitions, sourcing, projects, and asset accounting to resource pay positions.

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Supply management

With Infor Supply Management for Healthcare you gain a complete supply chain solution specialized for healthcare with last mile functionality that reduces the need for bolt-on applications, additional complexity, and costs for implementation and customizations.

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Human capital management

You gain customized workflows and content, predictive talent analytics, core HR functions for efficiency, talent, and workforce management capabilities that are specialized for healthcare by healthcare professionals with expertise in clinical scheduling, occupational health tracking, analytics, and more.

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Clinical interoperability

Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite helps you streamline the exchange of healthcare data within an organization, its partners, and across a community of care to improve patient outcomes.

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Physician and patient engagement

Optimize your organization's physician liaison or business development workforce. Infor Physician Relationship Management delivers the insight needed to make more informed business decisions, and provides access to actionable market data, so users can improve physician loyalty and grow referral sources.

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Infor CloudSuite Healthcare customers



Concordia Plan Services

“The Infor cloud solution was more efficient operationally and also was a much more cost efficient process…[Infor] provided the ability to look holistically at all the plans we offer today to all the different employers we have out in the marketplace.”

Bill Hofrichter
Condordia Plan Services


Liberty Healthcare Management

“There were a lot of reasons that we went with the UpgradeX process—the biggest was cost. It also allowed us to free up FTEs to do other tasks, so instead of maintaining a software platform, they’re helping to run the business and provide the data and the metrics that we need to be successful.”

Kris Benton
Software Development Supervisor
Liberty Healthcare Management


Mary Washington Healthcare

“I explain it, that we want to be able to make supply chain like Disney—the nurse doesn’t know how it happens but when they go into a supply room, it’s magic: the supplies are there that they need to do their job day-to-day.”

Alan Edwards
VP of Supply Solutions Group
Mary Washington Healthcare


Rush University Medical Center

“Traditionally we would do stuff on premise, we’d have to purchase a lot of hardware, staff up to get the application up and running… going to the cloud you don’t need to do that. We were able to leverage the expertise of Infor to build out the environments for us, and get it deployed to us in a relatively short period of time.”

Steven P. Wightkin
VP of IT Operations
Rush University Medical Center


Wellspan Health

“There are a couple of drivers. One is agility. We moved all of our communication and collaboration into the cloud, so as we grow we don’t have to add servers or any of that. We can just add users directly up into cloud and people are able to get to information from their desktop, they’re able to get there from their phone.”

Mick Murphy
Wellspan Health

Why cloud deployment powers healthcare

Infor CloudSuite Healthcare delivers a single offering that helps you:

The speed of cloud deployment can help you realize a quicker time to value. And, because data is no longer stored on-site, you can say goodbye to expensive servers and hardware, and redirect support personnel to more strategic health IT systems.

Real-time data is accessible anytime, anywhere and can be easily expanded to accommodate the addition of new facilities or clinics.

Transform and optimize your business processes with the most complete and proven healthcare-specific solutions, while enhancing your productivity with best-in-class mobile, collaboration, and analytics technologies.

Automatic upgrades help ensure up-to-date, optimized solutions with scalable processing to respond to changing environments.

With data hosted by Amazon Web Services, an experienced cloud-computing leader, your organization benefits from best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operations security, as well as comprehensive monitoring.

We’ve created an elegant, consumer-inspired interface that’s so intuitive, it requires zero to little training. With a user experience this beautiful and easy-to-use, you can work more efficiently.

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