The Infor Customer Upgrade Initiative

The Infor Customer Upgrade Initiative

Upgrade, simplify, and save

There has never been a better time to upgrade your Infor solution – 10 million hours of product development time, 300 new applications, and 11,500 enhancements in just four years. You have access to more innovation, more choice, and more value than ever before.

Business Consulting

Choose the best option for your business

Infor is committed to making it as easy and cost-effective as possible to move to your latest release. Whether you choose to start taking advantage of the many benefits of cloud or upgrade and remain on-premise, Infor stands ready to support whatever choice is best for your business.

Get a clear roadmap

Get a clear roadmap for achieving your goals

Infor has resources with the experience and expertise to help you evaluate the options for upgrading, quantify the benefits you can achieve, and build a clear plan for achieving your objectives. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Future-proof your technology

Future-proof your technology

Through the upgrade process, companies typically greatly reduce or even eliminate customizations that complicate future upgrades and make systems difficult to support. And when you move to the cloud, upgrades are handled by Infor. You’ll always be on the latest version.

The choice is yours

Infor is committed to providing you with upgrade options that offer both choice and value, allowing you to get to the latest release of your solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption. Options include:

Upgrade to Cloud

Move to the Cloud, UpgradeX

Cloud deployment offers a host of benefits, such as lower total cost of ownership and the convenience of outsourcing maintenance, support, and upgrades. There are many options available for different customer communities, such as migrating your current application to the cloud, deploying an industry CloudSuite, or using a combination of cloud and on-premise hosting. The choice is yours.

Upgrade on Premise

Upgrade on premise

Many Infor customers are eligible to upgrade to the latest release of their solution as part of an Infor Support agreement. You'll benefit from the deeper functionality and beautiful new user experience that your latest release provides, have an opportunity to minimize customizations so your system is easier to support, and increase your ability to take advantage of complementary applications and innovative technologies. 

Visit Infor’s customer center

Looking for the latest details on your solution? Or information about upcoming events? Check out Infor’s customer portal pages. You’ll find quick links, resources, solution details, and much more. Bookmark your page and visit often.

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Meet the Infor upgrade team

Infor's experts will guide you through creating an upgrade plan that gets you to your latest release or a new solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Infor Value Engineering’s team will work with you to build a "board-ready" business case for upgrading that includes your proposed solution architecture and roadmap, projected business process improvements, and anticipated ROI. The team will:

  • Benchmark processes against industry standards
  • Analyze the costs of on-premise versus cloud
  • Identify system challenges that upgrading will solve
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Relying on over 3,500 professionals in 50 countries, Infor Consulting Services works with you to streamline the upgrade process and ensure your investment yields the desired return. This team can help you:

  • Identify ways to dramatically reduce or eliminate costly customizations
  • Speed your upgrade process with pre-configured Implementation Accelerators
  • Get hands-on with your latest release through interactive solution environments
Infor Support

Infor Support

After your upgraded is complete, Infor Support surrounds you with everything you need to succeed. You'll be able to:

  • Work with specialists who have deep knowledge of Infor's products
  • Get the personal attention you deserve
  • Receive alerts to issues with your software before you even know they exist

And if you decide to deploy in the cloud, Infor Support manages upgrades for you. You’ll always be on the latest version and in the best possible position to realize maximum return on your investment.

Infor Education


The goal of Infor’s Education team is to get your users trained and up-to-speed quickly. You have a variety of options designed to meet your specific needs – instructor-led (face-to-face or virtual), recorded classes accessible anytime, and self-directed learning that includes demos and access to an instructor. Whatever level of training you require, Infor Education is committed to giving you the skills and knowledge necessary to use your system to its fullest, both during your upgrade and over the long haul.

The Power of Infor Technology


Infor’s game-changing BI apps deliver on the full promise of business intelligence with real-time insights from across the globe, unparalleled mobile capabilities, and much more.

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Infor ION quickly integrates systems, applications, and data across the enterprise, resulting in a completely unified platform for your business.

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The Infor Mongoose framework lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance and extend your core solution—without requiring knowledge of complex source codes or languages.

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Social collaboration

Infor Ming.le™ embeds a centralized collaboration platform within Infor CloudSuite Industrial, empowering employees to work together across sites, easily share information, and much more.

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Gloucester Engineering

Gloucester Engineering

This Massachusetts-based plastic fabrications leader used Infor technology to reduce risk, increase scalability, and improve decision-making, while saving nearly $200,000 annually.


Brentwood Industries

Learn how Brentwood upgraded its Infor solution to better support rapid growth, protect margins, and improve global visibility.