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Hook & Loop

Designing a better way of working

Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop is a collaborative team of designers, information architects, developers, project managers, writers, and filmmakers—among others—based in Infor’s NYC headquarters. The teams at Hook & Loop are responsible for:

Next-generation user experiences
Building new paradigms for enterprise software UX based on field research, inventive design and development methods, and future-focused strategic thinking.

Thinking differently about new products
Leading the design and development of Infor Rhythm, an integrated engagement platform, and Infor Retail, an end-to-end enterprise software solution purpose-built for the Retail industry.

Telling Infor’s UX story
Making the value of UX in enterprise software compelling and meaningful through the written word, beautiful design, visionary filmmaking, and elegant code.

Hook & Loop Product Experience

The Hook & Loop Product Experience team has a singular mandate—to create experiences people love. To achieve this, we work with Infor developers and product managers around the world to push past the merely functional, and into more meaningful user experiences. From content planning to strategy, the team moves away from simply designing "look and feel" to focusing on the total experience: how users interact with software and what that means in the context of their reality.

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Hook & Loop Retail

Making Retail human again—that’s the focus of Hook & Loop Retail. By replacing antiquated forms-based interactions with UX that’s mobile, touch- and gesture-based, contextual, and search-driven, Hook & Loop Retail is building a new paradigm—forging new connections between businesses, data, and people.

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H&L Digital

By bringing together a top-down business approach with a bottom-up experience approach H&L Digital adds customer, employee, and operational value. We leverage disparate products and services, as well as existing technologies, to create, build, and manage enterprise-level digital ecosystems. By helping customers innovate on an enterprise scale, H&L Digital helps create a long-term competitive advantage that builds demand and engenders loyalty.

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Hook & Loop Rhythm

The Hook & Loop team dedicated to Infor Rhythm—Infor's integrated, online engagement platform and services—is made up of designers, information architects, and developers. In addition to helping design and develop the solutiuon, the team works with customers during the implementation of Infor Rhythm, providing layout, design, user interface, and on-going strategic support for customers' commerce and transactional web sites.

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Hook & Loop Brand Experience

Telling the Infor story and shaping the Infor brand into one that is known, credible, compelling, and inspiring—that's the mission of the Hook & Loop Brand Experience team.

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