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Hook & Loop is the internal creative agency of Infor, based at the company's headquarters in New York City. This energetic think tank is composed of more than 80 talented creatives—writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers—all working together to solve problems. It is the engine that drives innovation around product design and user experience across Infor's entire suite of business applications, as well as the agency that communicates Infor's vision to customers, partners, and the industry.

Creating experiences people love
Hook & Loop was formed with a singular mandate—to create experiences people love. To achieve this, the group works with Infor developers and product managers around the world to push past the merely functional, and into more meaningful user experiences.

Going beyond look and feel
Our approach begins with the user. Rather than fixate only on the fundamentals of technology, everything Hook & Loop pursues is motivated by user experience. From content planning to strategy, the team moves away from simply designing "look and feel" to focusing on the total experience: how users interact with software and what that means in the context of their reality.

Focusing on the user
Workshops, testing, research and analysis are just some of the techniques Hook & Loop employs to uncover what is most important to Infor customers. With this information, Infor develops innovative business applications that solve customer problems and provide beautiful user experiences.

At Hook & Loop, we pride ourselves on not only finding the right answers, but asking the right questions.

Find out more at www.hookandloopnyc.com.


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