Infor Logo Kit

About the Infor logo

The Infor logo is available for download.

Please follow our logo guidelines:

  • Use the red Infor logo whenever possible. Black and reverse versions of the logo are available for limited use when no other option exists. The background for the red logo option is white or very light grey.
  • Clear space in the area (360 degrees) surrounding the logo. This space should be free of other graphic elements. Do not allow any element  (text, photography, graphics, wall edges, building windows, etc.) to enter the clear space. IMPORTANT NOTE: The logo clear-space rule is an essential brand element characteristic that helps provide the distinctive look and feel of the Infor brand. Please use care when positioning the Infor logo.
  • Minimum logo size: 16px, 4.76mm or .1875 inches
  • If you have questions, please contact our design team at

The Infor logo kit

Infor logos are available in PC and Mac files, in multiple sizes.

Download the logo kit
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