Hi-Tech Mouldings Extends ERP into the Field with Infor

Infor ION Integrates ERP Data Across Hi-Tech Mouldings Resulting in Informed Decision Making and Improved Customer Service

NEW YORK -  Sep 25, 2012

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Hi-Tech Mouldings, a technical injection moulding manufacturer, is enhancing its Infor VISUAL ERP application by implementing Infor ION, Infor's lightweight middleware platform, to provide integration and more seamless data flow between ERP and additional applications. ION will enable Hi-Tech Mouldings to extend the mission critical, real-time data generated by the existing ERP across the business.  Not only will this result in more informed decision making but, by allowing ERP data to be accessed by sales staff remotely from customer sites, accurate production information can be shared with the customer in real-time -  improving customer service.

News Points

  • Hi-Tech Mouldings has production sites in the UK and Slovakia. It has a turnover of £10 million and employs 150 people. Hi-Tech Mouldings produces more than 5,000 different plastic components for the defense, medical, health & safety, mobility, and security sectors.
  • ION will allow Hi-Tech Mouldings to access live information in the field via mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.  Managers will have access to the most up-to-date data - whether they are on customer sites or walking around their own plant.
  • By integrating the ERP with other existing third party software such as accounts and HR, ION will virtually eliminate the need to re-enter information, thereby saving time,  reducing the risk of data input error and ensuring consistent, accurate information is available to all parts of the business simultaneously.
  • Hi-Tech Mouldings believes that the improved efficiency brought by remote access to real-time data will see a return on its ION investment within 12 - 18 months.
  • ION will also improve business analytics at Hi-Tech Mouldings by providing easier access to real-time information.

Hi-Tech Mouldings Quote

"Infor VISUAL already generates business critical information for Hi-Tech Mouldings but ION will take this to a new level, particularly for staff out in the field," says Richard Brown, operations director, Hi-Tech Mouldings.  "We operate in a highly complex and competitive industry, and our agility and responsiveness hinges on the accuracy of the information on which business decisions are based.  ION will help ensure that high quality, consistent and accurate information from the ERP can be leveraged throughout the organization."

"Furthermore, by providing remote access to Infor VISUAL, our teams can access the latest real-time data when visiting customer premises and provide accurate production information on the spot.  Not only does this enhance customer perception of Hi-Tech Mouldings as an innovative firm but it also improves our competitive standing."

Infor Quote

"It's survival of the fastest for today's businesses," says Phil Lewis, business consulting director, Infor. "Hi-Tech Moulding's decision to invest in ION reflects the value that having access to the right information at the right time can bring to an organization. Extending enterprise data out into other aspects of the business creates a more cohesive and powerful operation, eliminating information silos and facilitating faster decision making."

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About Hi-Tech Mouldings

Hi-Tech Mouldings is a world class moulding facility producing technical mouldings and assemblies to the highest standards. Hi-Tech Mouldings provides total plastic solutions to customers through five main business areas: design, tooling, moulding, assembly and cables.

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