Infor10 Supply Chain Execution Advances Supply Chain Management with Greater Speed, Simplified Logistics

Combining Warehouse, Transportation, Labor, and Billing Functions into a Single Application, Infor Provides a Unified Approach to Automating and Simplifying Complex Management Processes

ATLANTA -  Oct 12, 2011

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced the availability of Infor10 Supply Chain Execution, a revolutionary new application that helps companies eliminate obstacles to quick information flow, operate at a faster pace and deliver more customer value at less cost. By bringing warehouse management, labor management, billing, and transportation planning into one solution, Infor10 Supply Chain Execution  reduces complexities, automates repetitive processes and enables faster decision making.

Using Infor10 ION, Infor's innovative interoperability platform, the application easily interfaces with other solutions throughout the supply chain. Infor10 Supply Chain Execution integrates with key enterprise solutions, including enterprise resource planning, customers' systems for stock balances and transaction details, and vendor solutions.

News Points

  • Infor10 Supply Chain Execution offers manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics service providers a unified approach to automating and simplifying complex warehouse and transportation management processes.
  • The adoption of one solution that meets the diverse needs of the supply chain enables a company to reduce risk, implementation time and ongoing overhead.
  • Infor10 Supply Chain Execution uses advanced integration tools to upload master data and transaction data more quickly, enabling companies to add new customers faster and start generating new revenue sooner.
  • Key Infor10 Supply Chain Execution capabilities include:
    • Better workforce management - Users can monitor labor in real time to measure workforce performance, optimize the distribution of work using task management and analysis capabilities, easily bill for non-transaction-based activities, and use easy-to-understand interfaces to reduce training time.
    • Automated inventory management - The solution automates inventory management and movement activities to reduce inventory levels where possible, and efficiently manage product shelf life to avoid the need to scrap outdated products.
    • Self-service for customers, vendors and employees - Customers can see the status of their order using an interactive web portal, and also directly place holds on inventory and upload their SKUs. Vendors have tools to manage their own inventory and print and attach labels to goods they distribute. Employees and managers have better visibility into warehouse operations.
    • New value-added services - Companies can quickly and easily offer customers profitable new value-added services such as kitting, support for sales promotions, and billing services.
    • Accurate reports and alerts - Built-in reports and ad hoc reporting capabilities provide more accurate reports to executives and customers. Alerting capabilities detect issues early, and bring them to the attention of key stakeholders to avoid major problems.

LAVA Supply Chain Solutions Quote

"We chose Infor10 Supply Chain Execution because it offered a comprehensive solution with the functionality to cover our distribution requirements, even as our needs evolve over time with growth," said Dave Schroeder, vice president of Operations and Information Systems, LAVA Supply Chain Solutions. "As our company grows, we are able to build upon our Warehouse Management solution with additional functionality such as Transportation Management, 3PL Billing and Labor Management without the need to install or integrate separate standalone solutions. Because this functionality is built in to the Infor10 SCE solution, we can take advantage of a substantial time and cost savings from a solution that is able to effectively manage our ever-changing, distribution system."

Infor Quote

"Today's supply chain demands quick, critical decision-making regarding schedules, costs, deadlines, transportation requirements, and customer requests at the drop of a hat," said Brent Forden, senior product manager, Supply Chain Management, Infor. "To make this happen, coherent, valid information from a single source is needed in real time. That's why Infor10 Supply Chain Execution is a game changer. It allows our customers to make better and faster decisions for their own operations and inspire customer confidence."

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