Protected Information Incident Report

Thank you for helping Infor maintain world-class ethics and values. The purpose of this page is for Infor employees, contractors, and partners to report certain types of information incidents they observe in their work for Infor. Incidents that should be reported here include:

  • Intentional misuse of or interference with Infor information systems
  • Suspicious computer behavior by fellow employees or contractors
  • Improper handling of Confidential or Privacy Restricted information, including its unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or destruction
  • A lost or stolen laptop, company mobile phone, or portable data device
  • A lost or stolen bag or briefcase containing sensitive documents or discs
  • Lost or stolen backup tapes
  • A package or e-mail including Confidential or Privacy Restricted information sent to the wrong person
  • Sensitive files stored in an Internet-accessible part of the network
  • Unauthorized use or disclosure of customer confidential or Protected Health Information

By using this form on the Infor Web site you are accepting the principles for gathering and using the information as described in our privacy policy.

Any personal data received by Infor will remain private property and will not be distributed externally.

NOTE: This form may also be referred to as a "HIPAA Incident Report" or "Data Breach Report."

Infor may choose to contact you as part of its investigation.


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