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Ultra Consulting: A Review of Features and Functions for Equipment Dealerships, Service and Rental Providers

This paper provides Equipment Dealerships, Service and Rental Providers with an overview of the Infor M3 product offering. Until recently, the equipment version of M3 has been referred to as ESM&R (Equipment Service Maintenance & Rental). The "ESM&R" product suite has now been rebranded as "M3 for Equipment." The paper includes many of the key areas of consideration required to make an ERP system purchase decision including feature function, specific to equipment sales, parts management, onsite and remote service, leasing and rental. The "feature functions" review is based off previous M3 selection projects, and a demonstration at the Infor offices in Chicago. In addition, cost and contracts; vendor background; technology platform and implementation/service will be discussed. The paper concludes with a high-level summary of Ultra's thoughts on M3 for Equipment.

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