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Infor10 CRM (Epiphany) Presents: Leverage Social Media Information to Advance Your CRM Efforts

Webinar: Strategize, Design, Build, and Grow Winning Social Media Communities-with guest Barton Goldenberg

During this webinar, Barton Goldenberg, a 26-year CRM industry thought leader, will describe how to strategize, design, build, and grow successful social media communities. Using real-time case studies from global, best-in-class organizations, he will share the challenges that all organizations face when working with social media communities. These include how to:

  • Listen to social insight and decipher relevancy from irrelevancy.
  • Optimally integrate this insight into your CRM efforts down to the customer level.
  • Measure the value of the community.

Barton will also share how organizations are successfully addressing these challenges.

If you�re pondering how best to leverage social media and integrate it with your ongoing CRM efforts, this is one event you won�t want to miss.


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