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Infor10 CRM (Epiphany) Presents: 7 Ways to Improve Your CRM Marketing Results with Gleanster Research

Become A guru at CRM Marketing

Campaign management is one of the most mature marketing technologies with over 60% of companies stating that they have adopted CRM applications. Even so, many companies have not completely mastered the tools they have implemented. 

Attend this webinar to hear our special guest Jeff Zabin (Research Director of Gleanster) and MJ Crabbe-Barberis (CRM Director of Global Product Marketing at Infor) for details on how to:

  • Make intelligent customer decisions in real-time
  • Determine the optimal message for every customer
  • Synchronize marketing campaigns across inbound and outbound channels
  • Create stronger, more valuable customer relationships
  • Improve your cross-sell and up-sell rates
  • Improve customer loyalty
Join us for this insightful webinar to learn seven practical, actionable tips that will help you improve the effectiveness of your CRM marketing.

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