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Capturing and Utilizing Social Media Insight

Webcast - Capturing and Utilizing Social Media Insight

You can’t get around it: Social media has taken the world by storm. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the benefits of leveraging social media insight, but chances are you haven’t yet been able to capture and use this information within your CRM efforts.

During this webinar—led by 27-year CRM industry expert Barton Goldenberg—you’ll discover ways to overcome the challenges of social media.

Find out how best-in-class organizations are:

  • Identifying the optimal tools to capture social insight.
  • Turning captured social insight into actions.
  • Easily and intuitively porting social insight into CRM systems and customer profiles.
  • Analyzing and utilizing filtered information in organizational marketing and sales efforts.

Attend this online-only event to hear pragmatic advice on how to easily capture and use social media insight in your CRM efforts.

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