ERP Distribution Webcasts

In our webcast replays, you will see how Infor business-specific solutions have industry experience built in to solve the most pressing challenges of distribution companies—streamlining processes, improving customer service, lower supply chain costs, optimizing assets, and boosting agility and responsiveness.

Topic Title
Distribution Go Configure! How to Guide Your Sales Efforts to Success
  Provide a new level of service with Storeroom
  Understand the Power of Infor10 Motion Technology
  Understanding the Strategic Direction of Infor10 Distribution
  Learn what’s new in the latest release of Infor10 Distribution iBusiness (A+)
  Key Milestones, Future Direction, and New Innovations
  Hear the Latest News and View the Product Roadmap
  Infor Distribution A+ Roadmap Update
  r u ready 2 sell 2, buy fr& emply nx gen?
  Webinar: Provide a new level of service with Storeroom.
  Webinar: Get the latest update to Infor Storefront roadmap
  Inforum 2013 - A conference within a conference for Infor Distribution customers
  Infor Distribution SX.e roadmap update
  Take a closer look at your upgrade options for Infor Distribution SX.e
  Leverage Your Existing Data to Drive Better Decision-Making in Your Business
  Take a closer look at recent enhancements to Infor Distribution A+
  Take a closer look at Infor Distribution SX.e 10.0
  EasyAsk Commerce Studio for Infor Storefront Customers
  Infor ERP SX.e Showcase: See the Latest Features
  Infor Distribution (SX.e) Update
  Inforce Everywhere
  Make Informed Decisions Faster with Rocket CorVu
  The distribution evolution: survival of the fastest
Best Practices Top Business Drivers Impacting ERP Strategies for Distributors.
  In Search of the Perfect Customer: Cost-to-Serve for Distributors
  Strategic pricing for the "new normal"
Extension Solutions Build Your Core Competencies in Product Data Quality, Pricing and Gross Margin Optimization with epaCUBE
  Learn how MaxRecall and MaxCapture can put your documents to work.
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