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Go Configure! How to Guide Your Sales Efforts to Success

How to use TDCI's BuyDesign Product Configurator and Guided Selling with Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e)

Is your sales team looking for new ways to boost sales? There's a solution that will guide them in selecting, configuring, and pricing your products.

TDCI's BuyDesign Configurator and Guided Selling Solution for Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) can help your organization:

  • Increase sales by improving the performance of the direct and indirect sales channels you use.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating product errors and non-value-added activities on your product orders and processes.
  • Respond to market opportunities by accelerating time to market for product innovations.
  • Deliver quality products by enhancing the links between sales, engineering, and your manufacturing operations.

Also learn about TDCI's Channel Sales Product and how it integrates with Distribution Business. Find out how this comprehensive, guided selling system provides dealers, distributors, and your company's direct sales team with the tools they need to effectively select, configure, quote, bid, propose, and order products for their customers.


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