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Inforum 2013 - A conference within a conference for Infor Distribution customers

This year we're excited to announce that TUG will operate as a "conference within a conference" during Inforum 2013. What will this mean to Infor Distribution customers?

  • Infor, the TUG Board, and SIG leaders will work together to orchestrate the in-depth, user, and industry expert-led sessions you have come to expect at your annual conference.
  • Infor Distribution customers will have a designated area at the conference where the majority of your sessions will be hosted so you have ample opportunity to network with your peers.
  • Infor will attempt to put all TUG members at the same hotel property so that there will be additional opportunity to network.
  • Infor will be working with TUG to recruit a number of interesting industry speakers to participate at this event.
  • A Distribution neighborhood will be established in the expo area to offer relevant labs, demos, partners, innovations, whiteboard workspaces, and Speed Sessions in one environment.
  • Additional efforts will be made to ensure that this conference will meet the expectations of our customers. 

Please complete the form to download the recorded webinar.
Please complete the form to download the recorded webinar.

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