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Make Informed Decisions Faster with Rocket CorVu

Actively explore, directly manipulate, and analyze information.

Web-based dashboards with a powerful, visual interface allow business users to actively explore, directly manipulate, and analyze information. Drilling down from high-level summarized views to transaction-level details allows you to:

  • Quickly recognize and anticipate trends, patterns, and abnormalities.
  • Focus your attention and efforts on the most important business drivers.
  • Better understand what is going to happen, and not just what has already happened.
  • Reduce the time needed to make immediate and optimal decisions.

Dashboards are no longer designed exclusively for executives. Today, dashboards are being used by the general workforce, clients, suppliers, partners, and more. Effective dashboards are easy to understand and use, and can help your organization gain a competitive edge and improve your bottom line.


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