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Build Your Core Competencies in Product Data Quality, Pricing and Gross Margin Optimization with epaCUBE

Develop a game plan for your pricing and gross profit margin optimization

Learn about “profit plays” your company can run using epaCUBE to improve your bottom line by adding 2% or more to gross margin.

  • Fog of War Play: Maximize Gross Profit during a Vendor Price Increase.

  • SPA Opportunity Play: Dig into the rebate and supplier SPA (special pricing agreement) side of the equation to reclaim gross profits.

  • Over-ride Over-time Play: Gain visibility into the true symptoms of price over-ride and discover new insight on how to reduce gross margin losses.

  • Pre-Game Plays:  Understand how inaccurate product data related to pricing, costs and rebates is the “Achilles heel” of pricing and gross margin optimization.

  • Gross Profit Optimization Analytics Play: Start eating the “gross profit optimization elephant” one bite at a time and begin adding immediately to your bottom line by 2% or more.

  • Distributor Pricing Science: Learn about the pros and cons of applying various segmentation and price sensitivity analysis to your overall game plan for increasing gross margin.

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