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Learn how MaxRecall and MaxCapture can put your documents to work.

Learn how MaxRecall and MaxCapture can put your documents to work.

Attend this webinar to learn how MaxRecall Technologies’ MaxRecall and MaxCapture can increase your efficiency by eliminating the administrative costs associated with processing, storing, and managing paper documents.

MaxRecall—See immediate efficiency gains by eliminating the administrative and physical costs associated with processing, storing, and managing large amounts of paper documents with MaxRecall’s rapid installation and integration with Infor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Benefit from an immediate ROI as MaxRecall helps you retool core business processes and workflows, reduce the manual touch points associated with information management, and improve collaboration. Channel inefficient manual document management activities into more productive tasks that drive revenue and reduce costs. If your company is like most organizations, the savings MaxRecall generates from your already budgeted workforce expense will be far greater than the solution’s associated costs.

MaxCapture—Your accounts payable department is likely paper-intensive—with possibly as much as 80% of invoices still being received on paper. Automate this labor-intensive data entry process with MaxCapture, as it extracts data from paper documents, formats it, and delivers that data electronically for electronic data interchange (EDI)-type throughput. The document and index information are also simultaneously delivered to MaxRecall for document storage and retrieval. With a MaxCapture-enabled accounts payable process, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase productivity without adding additional staff.
  • Reduce invoice processing costs.
  • Enhance data accuracy.
  • Reduce time-consuming data entry errors.
  • Maximize invoice discounts.
  • Avoid late penalties.
  • Reduce costly, incorrect, and duplicate invoice payments.

MaxRecall Technologies focuses on the information that drives business efficiency. MaxRecall and MaxCapture together create an efficient and streamlined document-based workflow.

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