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Discover the new improvements and features added to Infor10 EAM, v10.1

Webinar: Infor10 EAM, v10.1: What's New?
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View this webcast to find out what is behind Infor10 EAM, v10.1, the latest release of Infor EAM. This release reinforces Infor's effort and commitment to delivering the most complete EAM (enterprise asset management) and sustainability solution in the marketplace.

In this webcast, current Infor EAM users on Business, Enterprise, and Asset Sustainability Editions will discover the significant improvements and new features that have been made to their product.

Infor10 EAM, v10.1delivers major customer-driven innovations, including:

  • Infor10 innovations—Workspace 10.1, In-context Business Intelligence, and ION 10.1.
  • A new add-on module to support risk management and reliability initiatives.
  • New data interfaces for utility bills and weather data.
  • Improved, more intuitive graphical scheduling.
  • New quick-update processes for work and purchase orders.
  • Forty customer-driven enhancements.

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