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Integrate Energy Intelligence into Your Maintenance and Operations with Infor10 EAM Enterprise Sustainability

Learn how you can monitor and measure your energy performance.

Energy costs can account for more than 50% of maintenance and operating expenses for many organizations. Like many companies, your energy cost management can be highly fragmented, with no clear owner accountable for managing it.

View this webcast to find out how to incorporate energy management with enterprise asset management (EAM) to:

  • Monitor and measure your energy performance to determine the causes of energy waste.
  • Find ways to mitigate or prevent energy waste.
  • Establish sustainable energy policies and programs.

It's time to integrate energy intelligence, visibility, and management controls into your everyday business processes to prevent energy waste. If you want to reduce your overall energy consumption, you need full visibility and control of your sustainability, energy consumption, and the assets and operating infrastructure that underlie them.

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