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Is Your Equipment Eating Up Your Profit Margin? Introducing Infor EAM Hospitality Edition

Deliver better guest service and strengthen customer loyalty

Guest loyalty is the hallmark of the hospitality industry. You can increase guests’ loyalty and keep them coming back by exceeding their expectations each time they stay at your hotel. To deliver that high level of guest service, you must manage the infrastructure of buildings, facilities, and equipment.
Hear from Kevin Price how enterprise asset management (EAM) can help you ensure the service, safety, and comfort of your hotel guests without them knowing it. You can increase profits by exceeding guest expectations and controlling costs with Infor10 EAM Hospitality Edition, built specifically for the hospitality industry.

You’ll get comprehensive tools to help you with:

  • Guest incident management. Ensure guest requirements are completed fast.
  • Equipment reliability. Schedule maintenance, predict maintenance needs, and keep accurate warranty records.
  • Mobility. Expedite service using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Green initiatives. Measure and monitor the consumption, costs, and environmental impact of natural resources to help achieve Energy Star compliance.
  • Regulatory compliance. Perform maintenance, and document work and history.

Improve performance, achieve savings, and comply with Energy Star ratings with Infor10 EAM Hospitality Edition, which provides you with the specialized asset management functions you need. It’s the easiest way to provide your guests with the service and comfort they expect, to build customer loyalty, and to grow your profit margins.

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