How Infor EAM Addresses ISO55000

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Many organizations struggle to establish a benchmark from which to build an asset management strategy because basic information, in asset management terms, can be difficult to source.

Even with all of the benefits that effective asset management can provide—cost savings; improved profitability; better service levels; greater customer satisfaction; and improved health, safety and environmental performance—many of the people responsible for contributing information are not fully committed and don’t see the value in it.

In order to overcome this, a number of standards and guidelines have been developed to help organizations establish a framework to achieve buy-in from all those who need to be involved, build a business case, and take an approach to asset management in a structured, proven manner.

Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by Alex Tsironis (Director of EAM, Nexus Global Business Solutions) and Kevin Price (Product Director, Infor EAM), to learn more about the new ISO 55000 standards and how an effective asset management strategy can help build a framework for success.

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