Infor EAM On-Demand Webinar Series for Automotive Manufacturing


On-Demand Webinar Series on Enterprise Asset Management

You can reach your potential as an automotive manufacturer if your equipment and facilities each operate at their full potential. When assets are performing well, you improve plant floor productivity and meet consumer demands.

For asset management in automotive manufacturing, the formula for success is simple: Keep every asset running safely, at the lowest cost, and for as long as possible. Optimizing asset performance will keep your production running smoothly, generating profitable and predictive returns for you.

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Session Topic
Session 1 EAM for Automotive Manufacturing
Session 2 Streamline the Supply Chain through MRO Optimization
Session 3 Improved Resource Utilization through Advanced Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Session 4 Increased Asset Performance through Optimized Maintenance Strategies
Session 5 Leverage Mobile to Unlock Your Potential
Session 6 Ensure a Healthy, Safe & Environmentally Conscious Workplace
Session 7 Unleash the Power of EAM through Workflow & Analytics

Automotive manufacturers viewing these webinar sessions will discover new ways to improve productivity while reducing costs by learning:

  • How to streamline the maintenance process to extend the longevity of your assets
  • Ways to avoid costly, unplanned production downtime
  • Methods to efficiently manage inventory so that you have the right parts and quantities at the right time and place
  • Best practices to anticipate and mitigate potential safety and regulatory compliance issues
  • Solutions that improve employee productivity through mobility, workflow and operational visibility

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