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Thinking Out of the Box: Safety Management

In many companies formal safety management is handled through spreadsheets or tribal knowledge. Infor EAM provides a way to set up detailed records for Hazards, Precautions, Lock Out/Tag Out, and even Isolation, and then to link this information directly to Equipment and Work Orders. The process also requires periodic safety management reviews, ensuring your organization maintains up-to-date safety notes against some or all equipment.

Safety Management in Infor EAM can help you:

  • Identify all hazardous situations, materials, and activities.
  • Deliver a method to control these hazards to protect people and the environment.

Maintenance organizations are continuously confronted with health, safety and environmental regulations. If you are in an environment where this kind of safety tracking is needed, find out more about the new EAM functionality.

Watch this deep-dive recorded demo to learn how to take all precautions in order to assure that you have the proper maintenance management in your organization.

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