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Accelerating business change through next-generation ERP: A call to action for the aerospace and defense industry

How next-generation ERP systems will help tame complexity and drive operational excellence in the aerospace and defense industry.

Increasingly, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry find themselves in a tailspin responding to increased market complexity. New market growth, variable defense spending, and the constant need to contain and monitor costs make profitability more difficult in this heavily regulated industry.

Join Pierfrancesco Manenti of IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA, Bill Whittaker of BAE Systems MAI and Arsenin Rodriguez, director of business consulting at Infor, to find out the results of a new research study from IDC and Infor.

You’ll learn why aerospace and defense manufacturers believe achieving operational excellence is so important, take a look at the impact of existing ERP systems, and find out which new technologies you can now embrace to accelerate business change and remain competitive in this sector.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to address the three areas of manufacturing complexity in the heavily regulated civil aerospace and defense Industry
  • Why cost-containment initiatives are focused around the global supply chain
  • Why some manufacturers believe that IT systems are the single most critical barrier to mastering complexity
  • The four new IT forces, and how they are  shaping next- generation ERP systems
  • How new, feature-rich ERP systems support your critical industry functions and commercial practices, and facilitate the innovation and production of quality products and services
  • How next-generation ERP systems provide improved access to and flow of real-time information across the organization, improving business visibility and decision-making

You’ll also receive a complimentary copy of this new research, and access to other information for the aerospace and defense sector.

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