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ERP Enterprise (LN), ERP Baan IV and 5 Automotive Webinar: Five Steps to Manage the Speed of Change

The new face of competitiveness for automotive suppliers

Automotive market pressures are accelerating, causing constant change in your operations and supply chain. As an Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) customer, you can find out five practical steps to manage change in your organization by reserving your seat at our webinar today.

Join Infor’s Rodney Tarzwell, PLM business solutions consultant, and Warren Smith, automotive business solutions consultant, as they discuss the accelerating pace of change in the automotive industry, as well as solutions to manage these pressures.  Find out which processes  can provide complete visibility, effective collaboration, and unprecedented control across your buy and supply sides. 

Automotive leaders are effective at capturing opportunity and optimizing their position in the supply chain. How can you follow these best practices? During this webinar, you will find out:

  • How to address change in automotive manufacturing
  • The role that speed plays in effectively managing change
  • The cost of change
  • Which technology is available to support automotive systems faced with change
  • Which concepts for processes and accompanying software you can add to your current ERP and PLM platforms to improve your change management and move beyond conventional ERP, PLM, EDI, and supply chain management tools

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