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Master the Speed of Change: High Tech and Electronics Webinar

KPIs, trends, and strategies for 2012

High tech and electronics companies are looking for new ways to develop a springboard for growth and raise profitability. IDC Research recently surveyed high tech manufacturers to uncover the strategies that high tech and electronics companies are using to drive profitability in 2012.

What are these strategies? How can you transform your business using them?

Find out about the latest trends and KPIs in high tech and electronics during our “Master the Speed of Change” webinar.­ You’ll discover proven strategies that best-in-class companies are already using to manage rapid growth and support the speed of change in business.

You’ll learn:

  • Which key performance indicators are most important for your sub-segment
  • What high performers in your industry are achieving in terms of critical KPIs versus the rest of the market
  • How to drive better and faster decisions in 2012
  • Why you should tightly align IT with your business
  • How to treat time as a competitive weapon like the best-in-class companies do


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