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Discover Infor ION: Experience - Thriving in the Social Business Environment

Thriving in the Social Business Environment - Part1

Part 1: The ION Experience

Join us for the first of a three part series and see how your organization can take advantage of advanced applications that change the way work is done by improving the user experience. Infor ION Experience delivers advanced interface design, mobile support, and social collaboration features, and allows your enterprise applications to operate with the same look and feel that provides richer, faster engagement and better decision making.

This is a 30-minute webinar, followed by a question and answer session, where Infor experts will share insights and ideas on how ION Experience changes the way you work through a modern user experience.

You’ll see how:

• Advanced applications can change the way work is done through a unified work experience
• To search, organize and use information from multiple information systems
• To improve information availability and help unlock more inherent value for your organization


Andrew Kinder, Infor Director Industry Marketing
Emily Williams, Infor Product Manager
James W Jones, Infor Director Innovation Team

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