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Discover Infor ION: Process

Webinar: Connecting People to Process

Part 2: The ION Process

This is  the second of a three part series to see how your organization can take advantage of Infor’s advanced applications which change the way work is done by improving business process and the ability to leverage information across the enterprise.

If you want your business applications to work together without effort- even after an upgrade – and have integration that improves your business processes, and your business – then you should attend this webinar.
In this webinar, Infor innovation and market experts will cover these topics:

  • Connect, communicate and streamline your core business process
  • Gain greater insight across your business, regardless of the data source
  • Create valuable reports and analytics that continue to work regardless of upgrades

Visit to learn more about Infor ION – Infor’s breakthrough technology for today’s social business.


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