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Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change On-Air Series

Series kicks off with keynote from IDC Analyst, Bob Parker.

Stay informed on the issues impacting your industry.

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Session Topic
Session 1

Overcoming market pressures to surpass competition
Bob Parker of IDC Manufacturing Insights

Hear highly respected industry analyst, Bob Parker, discuss global research findings and tactics successful manufacturers are using to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Learn how you can leverage technology to conquer complexity, control costs and sustain growth.  Hear an eye-opening summary of the issues manufacturers face and catch a glimpse of the opportunities ahead. This kick off session lays the groundwork for the entire Infor "Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change" webinar series.
Session 2

Ingredients for speed & innovation
Mike Edgett, Director of Industry Marketing, Process,  Infor

Leading Food and Beverage manufacturers are driven by the need for speed, such as bringing new products to market quickly. The ability to rapidly adjust production plans to meet changes in demand or ingredient availability and the need to trace raw material supplies and finished goods shipments to answer regulatory, recall and customer inquiries are also critical. We'll discuss how your technology solution can help you master these complexities plus drive out costs from your existing product portfolio. Learn how to uncover the ingredients for speed and innovation to meet market requirements and improve your operational performance.
Session 3

Globalization: Threat or opportunity - building operational excellence to drive competitive advantage.
Steve Shorten,  Senior Director Industry Strategy and Solutions Asia Pacific and Alexander Renz - ERP Product Manager, Infor

Is globalization a threat or a world of unlimited potential and opportunity? As competitive pressures intensify, companies must respond to fast changing consumer needs with a well-orchestrated global design, manufacturing and fulfillment network.  Meanwhile, they must also develop innovations and deliver them with speed and precision. Learn how standardizing processes and adopting technology provides the flexibility to meet both global and local market requirements and achieve competitive advantage.
Session 4

Chemical industry:  Become a value added supplier while reducing costs
Linda Mitchell, Global Solution Architect, Infor

Chemical manufactures are facing increased pressures from customers to provide new and innovative products. At the same time, board members and shareholders are continually pushing to drive costs out of their business.  Is it possible to meet both objectives? Yes! Learn how by joining us for this session which explains how top-achieving companies are leveraging technology solutions to solve these pressing business challenges. 
Session 5

Improving operational excellence through enhanced decision-making
Mark Humphlett, Industry Strategist, Industrial Manufacturing, Infor

In order to remain competitive today, manufacturers must optimize every opportunity - including improving productivity of their workforce and their ability to make decisions quickly. Convenient access to real-time data and flexible analytics are only the beginning of next-generation tools. Responsive decision-making should also be based on relevant, contextual data, tailored for specific roles and vertical complexities. Learn why IDC advices manufactures that decision-making should be a top priority for sustaining growth.
Session 6

Case study: Skills Inc. captures growth, meets increased order and inventory demands
Gail Gilbertson, IT Executive, Skills, Inc.

Hear Skills Inc., a contract manufacturer of products and services, discuss how they have managed their purchasing of raw materials to support a 174% increase in assembly orders.  Join this session where they reveal how using standardized processes for raw materials and finished goods allowed them to capture market for build-to-stock orders.  Discover how Skills Inc. used Infor ERP to support their inventory and order demands, helping them successfully reach greater levels of new business and higher revenue growth.

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