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Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change On-Air Series

People, Processes & Technology - Whole Is Greater than Sum of its Parts.

Stay informed on the issues impacting your industry.

People, Processes & Technology - Whole Is Greater than Sum of its Parts.

Session Topic
Session 1 Navigating the International Energy Management Market – a view from Verdantix
Janet Lin, senior  manager, Verdantix and Kevin Price, senior product manager, Infor

Energy costs have consistently increased for the last two decades, eroding the profitability and undermining the competitiveness of enterprises in asset-intensive sectors.  According to the US Department of Energy, energy costs take up to 80% of a typical commercial or industrial company's non-labor operating and maintenance budget. So how should a company like yours respond? What actions can you take to confront this challenge?  How can technology help you bring down energy costs?
Session 2 Are You Ready for the Social, Mobile Enterprise?
Andrew Kinder, director product marketing, Infor

The next generation is here and they are bringing their mobile and social habits to work. They expect to work collaboratively in real time with their colleagues inside and outside their organization and at all times.   They are multi-media savvy and used to working with information through documents, images and video.  They bring their own mobile devices to work and use them to gain access to real-time customer specific information, place sales orders, check inventory levels, and more.   And according to recent research, unlocking the value of from social business can drive productivity gains of 20-25% and business value of over $1 trillion.

Learn how social and mobile are changing the way work is done, driving new efficiencies and new business opportunities.
Session 3
Heath Brownsworth, director strategy and business development, Cloud, and Navin Kulkarni, marketing strategist, Infor

Process manufacturing companies want the best software to manage all aspects of their business with the greatest flexibility and the lowest cost.  This has resulted in greater interest in cloud based solution, but to date, these solutions have lacked the industry specificity needed to meet the need of manufacturers.  Join us to learn how Infor can help you take full advantage of cloud-based and on-premises deployment methods, in any combination, to meet the need of your process manufacturing business.  With Infor you get the optimal mix of power and availability, without sacrificing industry specific functionality or speed
Session 4 Achieving Brand Promise with the Right Talent at the Right Time
Tarik Taman, GM and VP sales, Infor HCM

The greatest brands in the world have a secret: they are more vested in their talent than their nearest competitors. They don't necessarily pay more – they just leverage HCM tools more efficiently to attract, hire, retain and analyze the best workforce. To ensure you have the right talent, at the right time, with the right level of compensation and opportunity, join our discussion with Tarik Taman, GM, Infor HCM. He'll review how organizations like Kellogg, Nestle, Alcoa, Siemens and other multinationals are leveraging HCM tools to transfer people power to bottom line performance and brand promise.
Session 5
How Smart Manufacturers Manage their Plants and Facilities
TJ Perrault, business consultant, Infor

Inadequate asset maintenance can increase the cost of keeping your assets and equipment running at peak efficiency.  It can force manufacturing companies like yours to investing new equipment that you don't really need.

Join this session to hear how Infor EAM has helped manufacturers like you:

- Eliminate operational downtime of equipment, plant assets, and facilities.
- Improve asset reliability and labor productivity.
- Monitor energy usage and reduce energy spend by up to 20%
- Achieve compliance with safety, governmental, and environmental regulations.
Session 6
Reinventing Business Process with Infor ION
Massimo Capoccia, senior director, product management, Infor

It's a well-established fact that business software codifies business process. But, what happens when your business process is not quite what the software embodies? Or when industry standards change or technology evolves? All too often you are left with broken processes and difficult workarounds making your organization steps behind the competition.  Join us for a fast one-hour session to hear about a new approach to managing your business process development. See how reinventing business processes can power your organization to speed change and accelerate performance.
Session 7 Controlling Costs in Complex Industries
Edward Talerico, industry strategist aerospace and defense, Infor

Today in all high tech segments of manufacturing—such as A&D-- the margin for error has only gotten smaller.  The need to monitor and control costs to remain profitable has never been more important than it is in today's global market.  From the introduction of customer demand to manufacturing and procurement, all costs need to be known prior to being incurred in order for your company to be competitive. Join us as we discuss tactics for controlling this important aspect of your business growth.


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