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Infor Chemicals

Faster formulations for speed, compliance and competitiveness

Chemical manufacturers strive to deliver faster, flawless formulation—from design to production to delivery to invoice. Infor Chemicals improves the efficiency and responsiveness of chemical manufacturers by addressing the industry’s unique variables and requirements, including raw material availability, ingredient potency, regulatory changes and oversight, energy costs, and highly variable demand. Formulations and processes must be modified and production plans created to meet all these needs—and this must all be done fast, automatically, and accurately. This ability for fast formulation is the foundation of Infor Chemicals, which was designed specifically to meet the needs of chemical manufacturers worldwide.

Join us to learn how Infor has helped chemical companies in many markets (including bulk chemicals, paints, inks, fertilizers, petro, etc.) optimize all aspect of their businesses so as to maximize profitability.This includes controlling costs, while meeting customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Please join Mike Edgett (director industry marketing, process manufacturing) and Doug Morrow (business solutions consultant), as they present our corporate overview and insight into Infor Chemicals’ direction. Stay current with Infor’s strategy and future direction to best advise your clients.

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