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Overcoming Market Pressures & Controlling Costs in the A&D Industry

Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is facing unique pressures. Ed Talerico, A&D Industry Director from Infor, discussed in this webinar how the “Speed of Change” is making an impact on A&D manufactures and contractors and how Next Generation technology solutions are allowing companies to meet those evolving pressures.

In his presentation Ed examined the pressures from customers as well as the need to adopt new technology, manage the complex supply chain and the demands for compliance.  A&D contractors are under constant pressure to reduce lead times while performing under fixed price contracts in an era where defense spending will be reduced, he also explained.

Other driving pressures discussed include:

  • The internationalization of the global supply chain
  • Tracking contract and quality clauses
  • Regulations for the International Trade and Arms Regulation (ITAR)
  • Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
  • Material Management and Accounting Systems (MMAS)
  • Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
  • Import and export controls
  • The Defense Accounting and Reporting (DFAR)
  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS) requirements
  • Performance based logistics (PBLs)
  • A younger work force that demands a consumer grade user experience

To answer these pressures, The A&D industry is turning to new, more flexible and specialized technology solutions. In the webinar, Ed went on to explain how the new technology-- based on alerts, analytics and collaboration-- is changing the entre way manufacturing is managed and why those who do not adopt these new technologies may find it difficult to compete.

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