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Infor ERP & Bank Reconciliation Webinar

Cashbook provides System i users like you with an integrated tool to facilitate bank reconciliations, ACH payments, Wire Payments, Lockbox receipts, EDI customer receipt processing, deduction processing and bank account balance analysis by day, week, month.

The Cashbook solution has been deployed across 20 different countries and facilitates cash automation which can dramatically reduce resource requirements in the processing, reconciling and applying of cash.

Watch the Cashbook Electronic Banking for System i product demonstration to view firsthand everything you ever wanted to know about cash processing.

  • Lockbox automation including automatic deduction creation, write-offs and manual exceptions
  • Automatic customer file uploads for EDI files, Excel Files and dealing with ACH receipts
  • How you can achieve 100% automation for your bank reconciliation
  • Visibility for your global bank account balances by day, week, month for receipts and payments
  • Cash application automation Rates across Europe including an exciting case study
  • Hear about SEPA and how that is making changes across Europe for payments, direct debits and bank statements.
  • Check printing, ACH payments, Wire payments and Email Remittances, posting payments and making reversals


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