AMSI TCM Job View and
TCM Document Manager


As a user of The Construction Manager (TCM), find out how you can manage your business more efficiently with Infor AMSI integrated solutions. With TCM Job View and TCM Document Manager, you can better manage your workload, plan for future work, reduce redundant data entry, and improve invoice processing.

You can easily extract, filter, and create reports using the valuable information already stored in your database with TCM Job View, designed primarily for project managers and other personnel responsible for managing jobs and reporting their results. With TCM Job View, you’ll be able to set up custom views of job cost information.

You can approve and code invoices to the proper job and cost breakdown, and automatically enter them into TCM with TCM Document Manager, which scans and routes documents within your organization. With TCM Document Manager, you’ll be able to view and annotate your scanned images. By scanning, routing, and coding your invoices with TCM Document Manager, you’ll improve operational efficiency and save money.

During this webinar, you’ll see TCM Job View and TCM Document Manager in action and learn how users like you are experiencing remarkable improvements in efficiency and profit.

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