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Intelligently connect the business processes that drive your enterprise

The power of Infor ION Process lies in the intelligence built into its underlying network. Infor ION Process connects your systems to your people and your daily tasks in ways that accelerate your entire business, reduce risk, and help you make better decisions faster.

Infor ION Process does much more than speed and simplify integration between Infor and third-party applications—it also unifies reporting services, mobile services, and cloud services into one elegant network built on five elements:

  • Infor ION Connect—The communications network for Infor ION, this core collection of services is what allows you to access a wide variety of systems and information in a single, unified framework.
  • Infor ION Pulse—This interactive system lets you monitor your entire business easily.
  • Infor Workflow & Events—This framework lets you create, standardize, monitor, and change any business process without IT involvement.
  • Infor Motion ActivityDeck—A client for Infor ION Pulse, this utility lets you view and interact with the information that you get from ION Pulse, either on your desktop or on your favorite mobile device. It also lets you inspect and modify the processes you create in ION Workflow & Events so that you can continuously improve the way you work.

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