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Equipment-centric companies can never truly say goodbye to their equipment. Whether a company manufactures, distributes, deals, rents, or services equipment, Infor can help drive profitability throughout the lifecycle of each piece of equipment a company makes, moves, or maintains.

Manufacturers work in an environment where customers' design requirements are always changing, while faced with strict regulations and rising global competition. The aftermarket is never an afterthought and Infor Equipment helps manufacturers stay ahead, with support for efficient manufacturing operations with an equally important, a with  continuous precision and focus on the after-sales arena.

Dealers know their customers’ equipment needs better than the customers know it themselves. Infor Equipment helps dealers track what equipment has been sold, leased, and serviced, as well as help predict future parts needs and service demands. When a customer calls with a problem, it’s all about speed —the speed of communication, the speed of diagnosis, the speed of getting the right parts, the speed of the repair, and yes, even the speed of invoicing and collection.

At Infor, we believe that the core purpose and promise of enterprise software is speed. Our world is all about speed—just like yours.

With Infor Equipment, equipment rental companies can link all departments and branches using a scalable business system. Infor Equipment helps equipment rental companies gain improved visibility over equipment, customers, processes, and finance.

Join Julian Archer (industry director, Infor Equipment), as he presents Infor’s corporate overview and offers insight into Infor Equipment’s industry direction. Stay current with Infor’s strategy and future direction to best advise your clients.

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