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Complimentary Infor 10X Webinar – Panel Discussion on Manufacturing Issues and Technology Solutions

Manufacturing companies, whether they produce bagels or batteries, all face ever increasing regulatory requirements.  Additionally the expectations from customers and consumers to meet ever stringent definitions of quality are putting new pressures on manufacturing companies. Your business strives to continuously meet these expectations to deliver customer satisfaction and avoid devastating recalls.
The challenge is having the flexible systems in place to deliver visibility across your company…from R&D, to procurement, to manufacturing, to distribution and ultimately to your customer. Please join to us to hear our panel discuss the challenges and solutions across a number of manufacturing businesses, including food & beverage, automotive, high technology and other process and discrete industries.
Join host, Mike Edgett, Infor Director for the Process Manufacturing Industries, as he leads a panel discussion. Guests include representatives from various Infor industry and product experts.

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Get results of the survey during the webinar. Or, following the webinar, you can see results on our blog site manufacturing matters.

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