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Inside the cockpit - Insights from Piper Aircraft’s ERP transformation

Solving business challenges in the aerospace industry: true cost of an aircraft, adapting to the speed of business change; managing production engineering complexity.

This is a business improvement success story you don’t want to miss. Gain valuable insights on how the right ERP solution can propel a successful operation to even higher levels of competitiveness by solving the challenges that hold other manufacturers back. Piper Aircraft has built over 130,000 aircraft in their 70 year history. Piper creates the highest quality craft for everyone - from new pilots to adventure-seekers to serious business travelers.

To keep pace with the industry, they rely on engineering excellence and customer focused innovation - factors that  needed to be supported by their choice of business systems. Hear directly how the right choice of Infor LN is helping them change faster, get the true cost of their build and do it all with no customizations.

Please join Infor and Piper Aircraft and learn the details behind an A&D industry leader’s ERP journey to business agility and speed.

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