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The Internet of Things: its impact on manufacturing and preparing your IT infrastructure

View this recorded webinar—part of the Pulse of Manufacturing series—and learn why this concept is generating so much attention. Industry experts from Infor and Digi, an innovator in network-enabled devices, will discuss how embedded sensors can track and monitor processes in manufacturing, improving throughput and performance.

Learn the potential impact of this disruptive technology that connects machines, processes and people for one integrated network. Also hear:

  • Case-study examples of M2M technology being used in facility maintenance
  • How machine monitoring can help control energy usage
  • Equipment that can schedule its own preventive maintenance or service
  • Industrial networks and connecting to the ERP
  • Making sure your IT infrastructure can support this new opportunity
From deploying robotics to embedding smart sensors in your equipment, the Internet of Things, involves ever-evolving best practices and innovative applications that are continually expanding. Here is your chance to get the latest information from technology experts who know and understand manufacturing.

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