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VISUAL Summit Week

Download the recordings from the September, 2013 VISUAL Summit series.

News to Use: Visual V7.1.2 and V8.0 and what they mean to you
Get the overview. Learn the big-picture perspective of where we're going and how these new innovations will impact you-and your customers. Learn how you can increase collaboration, streamline activities, speed innovation and give customers what they want--when they want it. Join us and hear more about the roadmap for future plans for your ERP.

Technology Spotlight: Quality, ION and more
Here's where we take a closer look at the technology details, from the new Infor Quality Management to Ming.le, ION and reporting tools.

Insights and Tips: Picking a Business Performance Option
Harness the power of data and technology into a business performance model. But which one is right for you? In this webinar we'll look at LEAN, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Kaizen Events. In addition to benefits and advantages of each, we'll also focus on how Infor VISUAL supports each of these methodologies.

Spotlight on Modules: EPAK and PCM
Join us as we look at two modules you can use to empower to your workforce. EPAK will help you document your processes, provide training and create support materials quickly. And, Product Configuration Management (PCM) gives manufacturers and distributors the tools to streamline the selling and production of their configured products. Learn how hundreds of Infor customers are creating compelling web experiences, quotations, and accurate orders with dynamic bills of materials and routings, to increase revenue, reduce costs, and differentiate their brands in the marketplace.

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