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What’s New with Infor XA?

You can still learn about Infor's investments and innovations in your product—and your future

Watch replays of our Infor XA Summit Week Webinars

(Original air dates: October 8-11, 2013)

Infor was pleased to bring a series of four informative webinars to the Infor XA user community with our On-Air Summit Week. The events shared Infor’s recent product innovations, the latest technology and tools, and how companies that use Infor XA can benefit from the latest enhancements.

We invite you to view the recorded On-Air Summit webinars and share them with others. You’ll hear from product experts, partners, and customers on exactly how Infor XA can help you meet the latest industry challenges.

Watch one session, or all four, and discover how Infor is investing in innovative technology to help you improve operations, address your toughest business challenges, and gain a competitive edge.

XA Launches Infor 10x - What Does This Mean To You?
With the imminent launch of the Infor 10x technology for XA, Infor is taking a major step forward. From the social enterprise capabilities of Infor Ming.le to the enterprise integration available with ION Process, the Infor 10x release accelerates the capability of XA. Added to these new capabilities, extensive core development continues to deliver the power of IDF technology to your users. This session will provide an overview of recent developments and introduce the new capabilities being launched.

XA Technology Stack - Infor 10x Under The Covers
Dive deeper into the architecture of Infor 10x and understand some of the new avenues this opens up for your IT group. From embedded business process monitoring and pervasive analytics, to social enterprise and common user interface, learn how this actually works – and can work for you.

Extending XA - Building a Better ERP
XA is the core of an expanding suite of applications that allow you to drive more value. At the same time, the entire suite is integrated to give you the value of ERP. This session will cover our progress in building the Extended XA and highlight some of the upcoming applications.

The Future of XA - The Future of ERP on IBM i
Capping the week, IBM and Infor look into the future. Combining the extensive enhancements for IBM i with continuing product development from Infor, we see an excellent future for XA customers. Join us to understand how we are going to get there and what you can expect from IBM and Infor.

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