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What’s new with Infor LX?

You can still learn about Infor's investments and innovations in your product—and your future

Watch replays of our Infor LX Summit Week Webinars
(Original air dates: October 21-25, 2013)

Infor was pleased to recently bring a series of five informative webinars to the Infor LX user community with our On-Air Summit Week. The events shared Infor's recent product innovations, the latest technology and tools, and how companies that use Infor LX can benefit from the latest enhancements.

We invite you to view the recorded On-Air Summit webinars and share them with others. You'll hear from product experts, partners, and customers on exactly how Infor LX can help you meet the latest industry challenges.

Watch one session, or all five, and discover how Infor is investing in innovative technology to help you improve operations, address your toughest business challenges, and gain a competitive edge.

Kickoff to Infor LX Summit Week - What's new since our last Summit?
There is plenty of news to share with you to begin this week! Drive efficiency and speed with current functionality and Infor's latest innovative technologies, including Enterprise General Ledger and our Infor 10x strategy. How might you put our 10x strategy to work for you?

Upgrades are now easier and faster than you think
The PowerFLEX 10x upgrade program for Infor LX opens the door to the results that are possible when you take advantage of the latest release. What's new in the program that will compel you to upgrade? Join us to learn how you can dramatically reduce complex modifications and standardize on a simple, yet powerful, platform.

You can get results from more than Infor LX
If streamlining the production and selling of configurable products is important to you, you'll want to join us for part one of "more than LX" to learn about our world-class Infor Product Configuration Management solution. Part two today focuses on increasing employee productivity as much as 20% while reducing transaction errors using Infor's Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK). We'll share how to achieve productivity results by simulating your business processes in the EPAK training environment, ensuring that your employees achieve the highest skill level possible.

Tools to serve your finance team
What's the point of having good data if finance can't get access to it when they need it? We'll deliver your GL data directly to Microsoft Excel through a dynamic link. Infor F9 is easy to learn and you'll soon see how quickly finance can generate reports and consolidate data. If improving cash flow is more your requirement, Cashbook automates manual cash functions such as cash application, lockbox, bank rec, and AP functions. This partner solution is fully integrated with LX and interfaces with over 180 banks around the world.

The LX Roadmap - Envisioning The Future
What is the direction for Infor LX? How will it continue to deliver results for your organization? We'll finish out the week by sharing our vision and product strategy with you. We'll also review key ways you can develop relationships with other LX customers and further increase the benefits you receive by being an Infor customer through customer programs like the LX User Community and the Innovators Reference Program.

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