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Enterprise Solution Providers: How Well Do They Meet Manufacturing's Evolving Needs?

As global manufacturing reinvents itself, technology providers that serve them must also evolve. But are they keeping up?

Frank Scavo of Constellation Research addresses this question, with answers that might surprise you.

He highlights the key changes driving the need for new technology, products and features. Scavo describes what to look for when evaluating solution providers so you are able to choose the solutions best able to meet your needs. He will focus on the following issues:

  • As new workers enter the industry, which providers are capable of bringing you the technology and data access needed to speed the learning curve?
  • As manufacturers focus on disruptive technologies, which providers continue to invest in enhancements and flexible new products to keep up with and drive that innovation?
  • As the industry works to integrate high-tech processes into manufacturing, which providers offer the cross-industry expertise to help, vs. hinder, this evolution?

Hear what criteria you need to critically review current systems and which industry providers are able to help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
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