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Presented By: Infor & Acquis Consulting Group

The Sunshine Act has caused a great deal of activity in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Now that companies have created processes to meet the requirements of the law, they will have to start preparing for when this information is gathered and published. Companies will also look to improve the processes put in place to become more efficient and accurate. As organizations gather the data next year for reporting and prepare for the public reaction to the data being published many questions begin to surface.

Listen to the  Sunshine Act experts from Acquis talk about answers and solutions to these questions:

  • What are the common problem areas for capturing data accurately?
  • How do companies follow up with the colleagues who did not capture their data accurately?
  • How will the HCPs react when they see this information before it is published?
  • How will the public react when they see this information when it is published?
  • How do we make the process scalable for international and global changes?
  • How do we strike the balance between compliance and administrative burden on our people?

About Acquis: Acquis Consulting Group is a management consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation. Based in New York City, Acquis helps ambitions organizations solve business challenges that enable sustainable growth and healthy efficiency. We do this by not just designing strategies but also putting them to work. Acquis brings over 15 years’ experience in helping our clients transform their Corporate Travel, Expense, and Meetings programs. Our expertise includes corporate travel, meeting management, expense management, and development of virtual collaboration strategies.

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