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Metal fabrication today

Job shop vs. make-to-stock vs. engineer-to-order vs. ALL of the above

Hear how one growing fabricator solved scheduling challenges for two distinct business models with one ERP solution

The metal fabrication industry today faces multiple challenges, from meeting customer expectations for custom engineered assemblies to the need for mass production of standard inventory items quickly—and at low cost.

How do you address both extremes? Can one company be flexible enough to accommodate make-to- stock orders, job-shop type orders as well as and highly specialized custom orders? And, can one ERP solution manage the complete spectrum of processes—from managing work orders to scheduling materials and the shop floor?

YES! Not only is this flexibility possible, it is the secret to growth in metal fabrication. Learn why and how highly flexible ERP solutions, like Infor ERP, allow you manage the engineering and scheduling complexity of today’s metal fabrication with greater ease, speed, and effectiveness.

In the webinar Mark Humphlett, Infor Industry and Product Strategy Director for Industrial Manufacturing and Jason Snoeyink, ERP Administrator for Metal Components & Flexible Montisa will discuss:

  • Trends in metal fabrication industry
  • Best practices for managing engineering and scheduling functions
  • Different approaches for different business models- from engineer-to-order of complex sub-assemblies to standard make-to-stock orders.

Background: Two proven Tactics for Managing Metal Fab complexities

  • Metal Components, located in Grand Rapids, manufactures products such as cabinets, frames, chassis, and office furniture for OEM customers. With its team of engineers, it is heavily involved in collaborating on design specifications with customers.  Finite scheduling functionality manages nested layers of processes, from laser cutting to painting.
  • Flexible Montisa, located in Plainwell, Michigan, produces offer steel products such as drafting and filing stools, benches, laboratory furniture, case goods, and media storage. In this facility, Lean scheduling is the solution of choice for focusing on the efficiency processing and prioritizing work orders.

In both locations, Infor ERP provides complete visibility to the operations.

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