Make a Promise, Keep a Promise


Designing robust fulfillment strategies that align with market conditions

Learn how to lower costs and improve delivery performance by aligning your fulfillment strategy and Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) process. See the tools that make it possible to make a promise with confidence and keep a promise all the time.

For manufacturers in this era of short lead times and tight supply chains, world-class delivery performance within all supply chains has never been more important. Join us to hear about making real promises based on the reality of what you can achieve, not what you think you can ship.

Infor Thru-Put—Infor’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solution—lets manufacturers counter supply chain pressures to improve profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Its visionary architecture synchronizes the manufacturing process across the supply chain by coordinating operations to the capacity of key resources.

This discussion will include:

  • Determining the appropriate fulfillment strategy – how are you planning to serve your customers?
  • Creating a disciplined SIOP process – how do you align your investments to your strategy?
  • Choosing and using an execution engine that truly gives you Capable-to Promise (CTP) functionality – how can you really promise well into the future and execute to that plan in real time?

Get a close-up look at Infor Thru-Put.

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