Special Presentation: Fourth Shift ERP


Companies using Fourth Shift have choices regarding how they use and manage their ERP application.  Many companies today must decide when to upgrade and what version is right for them.  For others it may be a choice of which modules to implement, what configuration settings to use, what user-interface to deploy, or which tools to use to extend the application in different directions.  Some companies may have found, due to changes in their business or their processes, that Fourth Shift no longer meets their needs and it may be time to look at their next ERP application. 

Whether your company continues to rely on Fourth Shift or is looking at moving to another solution, you have options and choices for either path.

View the recorded webinar presentation for Fourth Shift customers. In the 90 minute presentation we will discuss Infor Fourth Shift’s product direction, CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) as an alternative ERP solution to consider, and make time available for a Q&A session with our experts.


  • Julie Weeks, Director Fourth Shift Development & Support
  • Debbie Baldwin, CloudSuite Industrial Product Manager

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