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Ingredients for Speed and Innovation On-Demand Webinar Series

Five Insightful Topics Designed for Process Manufacturers

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights on achieving operational excellence specific to  the Process Manufacturing industry. This Infor On-Demand webinar series is designed to  provide all the information you need on both industry topics and solutions in a condensed,  on-demand format that lets you watch when and where you want. So please take a bit of time out of your week and learn how next-generation technology is changing manufacturing best practices. You can access all of the recordings you would like to view by using the form on the right.

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Ingredients for speed & innovation
Mike Edgett, Director of Industry Marketing, Process

Leading Food and Beverage manufacturers are driven by the need for speed, such as bringing new products to market quickly. The ability to rapidly adjust production plans to meet changes in demand or ingredient availability and the need to trace raw material supplies and finished goods shipments to answer regulatory, recall and customer inquiries are also critical. We'll discuss how your technology solution can help you master these complexities plus drive out costs from your existing product portfolio. Learn how to uncover the ingredients for speed and innovation to meet market requirements and improve your operational performance.
Chemical industry:  Become a value added supplier while reducing costs
Linda Mitchell, Global Solution Architect, Infor

Chemical manufactures are facing increased pressures from customers to provide new and innovative products. At the same time, board members and shareholders are continually pushing to drive costs out of their business.  Is it possible to meet both objectives? Yes! Learn how by joining us for this session which explains how top-achieving companies are leveraging technology solutions to solve these pressing business challenges.
Get the Most Out of Your Assets
Sheila Rue, Business Solutions Consultant, Infor

Food and Beverage companies rely on asset performance to help manage risk and drive sales.  Find out what business specific tools you need to make better decisions and assure the operational, environmental and financial excellence of all your assets-property, plant and equipment. Learn how Infor can help you maintain the availability, reliability and operational safety of your plant, equipment, facilities and other assets, as well as increase the efficiency of your inventory and reduce your operating costs and energy consumption.
Food & Beverage : Least Cost Formulation as a Competitive Advantage
Michael Greenbaum, Director Global PLM, Presales, Infor

Least-cost formulation is an ideal way for companies to deliver more product value to their customers while at the same time optimizing their operations to increase revenue and reduce costs. Join this session as we provide an overview of how integrating capabilities in product lifecycle management and supply chain planning are giving Food & Beverage companies a competitive advantage.
Heath Brownsworth, Director Strategy and Business Development, Infor

Process manufacturing companies want the best software to manage all aspects of their business with the greatest flexibility and the lowest cost. This has resulted in greater interest in cloud based solution, but to date, these solutions have lacked the industry specificity needed to meet the need of manufacturers. Join us to learn how Infor can help you take full advantage of cloud-based and on-premises deployment methods, in any combination, to meet the need of your process manufacturing business. With Infor you get the optimal mix of power and availability, without sacrificing industry specific functionality or speed.


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