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Best-Of “Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change” Webinar Series

IDC Analyst, Bob Parker, Presents: Overcoming Market Pressures to Surpass Competition

Download the keynote presentation from our Manufacturing @ Speed of Change webinar series featuring Bob Parker from IDC Manufacturing Insights. Bob’s presentation covered global market pressures and how rapidly changing market conditions are forcing companies like yours to continuously adjust to new expectations and adapt technology advances. Learn how to stay ahead of top challenges today and leverage the new Smart Economy to your advantage.

Topics include:

  • Five year global forecasts. Be prepared for what’s coming.
  • Moving from a focus on IT Productivity to an Intelligent Economy. What does the Intelligent Economy mean to you?
  • Integrating Business Intelligence. Why it’s essential and how to do it.
  • Business Drivers. Which ones matter most?
  • Eliminating waste in the new data-centric value chain. How to tighten the process.
  • Smart Services in Manufacturing. How to support the process and the product.
  • Four pillars of IT investment: Mobile, Social, Cloud and Analytics
  • Essential guidelines. Steps you need to take now so you are not left behind in the global race for growth.

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